• Egypt
    Egypt is well known for its amazing sites, rich culture and religious history. In particular, most people from all over the world travel to Egypt to see the great pyramids that have been existed for thousands of years, and which are the only remaining original Seven Wonders of the World that can still be seen today. Located at North Africa,.....    Read More...
  • Jordan
    Jordan for the majority of people, is all about the magical and ancient city of Petra. There is no argument that Petra, is a magnificent sight that cannot be missed. While this is the case though, there is more to Jordan than meets the eye. Jordan is known for its rich culture and history that is centred on biblical sites, Crusader castles a.....    Read More...
  • Oman
    Maybe when you think of Oman, the first thing that comes to mind are miles of empty sand dunes stretching into the horizon – while this may be true, Oman can offer so much more.  Although not as developed for tourism as its neighbours, this allows Oman to retain its sense of identity, heritage and history, while still offering qua.....    Read More...
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