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STI UK is a leading travel and Tourism Empire - a success story for years in the making.  STI UK Launched in 2007 in the heart of London to serve the British travellers and as a part of SGI, STI UK follows the group's philosophy, aiming at quality and customer satisfaction as a top priority throughout the company's operations and partners' selection. 

SGI "Sakkara Group International" was established in 1972 in Egypt with Sakkara Tours.  The year 1978 witnessed a rotation in the company’s strategy; when a carefully planned international partnership was realized. Relying on the success of Sakkara Tours and the experience gained in the tourism field, STI Voyages was the perfect choice for business co-operation.   

Internationally, it was decided to multiply the successes gained from the STI Voyages partnership. STI Travel USA was launched in 2004 followed by STI UK , STI India in 2007 and Central Holidays, its latest acquisition in 2012. 

The Group owns a variety of land and floating hotels across Egypt, managed by international hoteliers such as Marriott and Sonesta, in addition to several owned brands. This diversified hotel portfolio enables us to cater to different travelers profiles.

Using its sister-companies' successful experience in the tourism market and backed by the group power, STI UK specializes in outbound tourism from the UK to six destinations in Africa and Asia including Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Jordan, Oman and UAE along with two European destinations Italy & Turkey. In short, the group's pioneer spirit of constantly developing new destinations and offering a diverse range of services will continue on well into the future.

Each of the destinations is comprehensively studied and analysed, ensuring the out most benefits for its guests from all aspects whether cultural, historical, and adventurous or a simple beach relaxing vacation. STI UK is one of the most reputable destination management company in UK. It offers complete solutions for the widest array of travel services including cultural, recreational, adventure, corporate, conferences and special group arrangements as well as the most exciting incentive travel packages.

In addition to designing special interest and thematic tours, STI UK also offers exclusive individual and group luxury travel packages responding to various budgets and preferences.

STI UK has also developed its incoming department promoting tourism in UK, offering group travel packages matching various budgets and preferences and a global business outlook.

Having reached the climax of success in the domestic travel market, STI UK now looks towards the region and the world. The strategy for the years to come will continue to build around extending the reach of the group's network of products and services as well as establishing a strong presence in the world's travel, tourism and hospitality market. STI UK is renowned for its professional and dedicated workforce, which offers a high-quality service to its clients.
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